Criminal Defense


In Florida any crime which is punishable by more then one ( 1 ) year in prison is considered a Felony offense.  A person who faces a Felony charge should always seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney.  Being convicted of a felony charge can have a significant negative effect on a Defendant's life.  Even if a person is not sentenced to prison a Felony conviction can carry with it many collateral consequences, such as the loss of the right to vote or to possess a firearm.  Additionally,  a Felony conviction can make it difficult for a person to find any gainful employment.  


In Florida any crime which is punishable by less then one ( 1 ) year in the county jail is considered a Misdemeanor offense.  Even though Misdemeanor charges are far less serious then a Felony even Misdemeanor charges can carry significant collateral consequences for the Defendant.  A conviction on some Misdemeanor offenses can also lead to the suspension of a person's driver's license, even if the Judge does not order it or the crime charged has nothing to with driving. 

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